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    With a regularly rotating catalogue of works, MONA never ceases to impress, with its most recent addition by Ryoji Ikeda, Datamatics 2.0, on display. Traversing through the subterranean gallery ¬†unfolds through a series of rooms past new and old pieces and further down towards sea level. Arriving by Ferry is the preferred option, with a […]

    Melbourne Open House


    On the weekend of July 27/28 Melbourne opens the doors to 111 buildings in the city and its surrounds for public access. Similar to many cities around the world, The Open house concept allows people to see behind the scenes of some of Melbourne’s most significant and interesting buildings. This year marked the 6th year […]

    Miniature Melbourne


    Nathan Kaso produced a video showcasing Melbourne through his Miniature Melbourne video. Like watches, we’re interested in all things miniature and intricate, which is why this video appeals to us so much. He has utilised the ’tilt shift’ method of photography to make Melbourne appear tiny while timing the shots on days when events take […]